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Strength & Conditioning

The RMU Department of Strength & Conditioning is responsible for the management, direction and oversight of a competitive and progressive strength & conditioning program for the RMU Department of Athletics and its student-athletes.

RMU Rec Center

Mission Statement

RMU Strength & Conditioning is committed to principles of ethical conduct, integrity and excellence, which will prepare the student athletes for personal growth both during and beyond the competitive years of collegiate athletics. RMU Strength & Conditioning prepares a safe and comprehensive training environment to include, but not limited to, increasing specific sports performance, reducing potential injury risk and education of proper nutrition.

Goals & Philosophy

RMU Strength & Conditioning’s goals are to increase athletic performance, and help reduce athletic-related injuries. Our training philosophy is to train ground based movements, multi-joint movements and three dimensional movements. These three training staples ensure that our athletes are training appropriately for their sport or competition. 

RMU Fitness Center
RMU North Athletic Complex


RMU Strength and Conditioning has four primary objectives:

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Reduction of Injury Rates
  • Mental and Physical Toughness
  • Increase Confidence

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