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Alumni Spotlight:

David Friedmann

RMU Kristen Welsh Trophy Celebration

My time at RMU instilled many core values I carried with me in my professional playing career, and continue to carry now in my professional career. Being a student athlete teaches you the fundamentals one needs to be able to juggle many things that life throws at you.

I stopped playing in April of 19’ and quickly entered the professional world. Since then I have become the COO of an Artificial Intelligence company focusing primarily in the transportation industry and well as the retirement/elderly care sectors. I also consult with various companies in different industries utilizing my network to connect and collaborate with like minded and driven individuals.

RMU Kristen Welsh AHL
RMU Kristen Welsh OHL

My faith is equally important to me, and funny enough while at RMU I was one of a handful of Jews at the school and with the help of Rabbi Shmuel Weinstein (Head of Chabad in Pittsburgh) we were able to create a Hillel at RMU. I can’t stress how important it is to be involved in things that you believe in.

 Life is too short to just get by. If you’re passionate about something, put some actions behind your thoughts and beliefs. To this day, I continue to be involved with many different causes and initiatives that I hold close to my heart.

Getting a degree at RMU gave me structure, taught me how to prepare, and gave me lifelong friends I consider my family.