Colonial Hockey Foundation

From the beginning, the focus of the Pittsburgh College Hockey Foundation was to support Division 1 hockey in Pittsburgh. We were founded with the goal being to bring Division 1 Hockey back to Pittsburgh, in the form of the RMU Men’s and Women’s Teams. Now, these teams are back and ready to return to the ice this fall. Accordingly, we are changing our name to clearly represent our focus on these programs: The Colonial Hockey Foundation.

Allow us to introduce our Executive Board, which consists of 7 RMU Alums, 5 of which are Hockey Alums. For full bios, please see this page.

President: David Friedmann; Vice President: Denny Urban; Secretary: Andrew Wisneski; Treasurer: Jim Vitale; Additional Voting Members: Brendan Jamison, Emily Curlett, Josh Jones

Past president Sam Mastovich and Vice President Brianne McLaughlin remain on the advisory board for the Colonial Hockey Foundation.

As mentioned when the teams were reinstated, the foundation has pledged $25,000 per year to directly support the hockey programs. In addition, we plan to contribute items to help the teams where desired. We also are happy to announce a new tradition, Foundation Days, which will give each team a fun off-ice event on a road trip each season. Read more about that here.

We look forward to watching these teams return to the ice the fall and engaging with the passionate alumni and Pittsburgh Hockey Community. Lets go Bobby Mo!